Thought You Should See This, September 9th, 2011

Politically-themed Thought You Should See This update this week, as Obama talks jobs and commentators talk double dip recession. Still, a 1997 video of Steve Jobs (above) gets top billing, mainly for the remarkable durability of Jobs’ approach and thinking. Responding to a grumpy critic at that year’s developer’s conference, the CEO made it clear that customer needs are at the heart of all that Apple should do. Must-watch.

Also this week on Thought You Should See This:

Artcrank gets together with Trek to design a “bike about art”.

Charles Dickens reminds us that things weren’t actually better in the olden days.

In It’s the Jobs, Stupid, I round up some of the most interesting pieces on labor and the need for innovation published over the long weekend.

Letting Go: On Design in a Time of Disruption is a lovely presentation from Edinburgh-based mobile designers, Yiibu.

New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik does a great job of reminding us why government-sponsored innovation programs are so fearfully challenging.

And the New York Times runs an insightful obituary for Keith Tantlinger, designer of the shipping container, an innovation beacon widely acknowledged to have been the spark that touched off globalization.


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