Thought You Should See This, November 11th, 2011

Round-up of this week’s Thought You Should See This posts:

This week, artists Christo and his work and life partner, the late Jeanne-Claude, got the go-ahead for a project they started planning in 1992. They’ll cover over a 5.9 mile stretch of the Arkansas River in southern Colorado with fabric. (Collage 2010, © 2010 Christo, shown.) It promises to be quite something.

Also this week on Thought You Should See This:

Tech world maven, Tim O’Reilly writes about the birth of the collective mind. “Our computers have no intelligence without us, but they accelerate our collective intelligence at a speed that has never been seen before.”

Management expert Jim Collins has a new book out, and in it tells the tale of the “snorkel award“, given by Stryker CEO John Brown to executives who failed to meet his annual challenge of 20% net income growth.

In A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design, Bret Victor goes ballistic over some of those “Future of Technology” videos that have been doing the rounds of late. His problem: that the ideas contained therein are lame. Or, as he puts it: This vision, from an interaction perspective, is not visionary. It’s a timid increment from the status quo, and the status quo, from an interaction perspective, is actually rather terrible.

Stephen Boak of interesting-sounding data visualization platform, Boundary, gave me the inside scoop on the development of the company’s own logo. A great case study on how identity design works in the digital era.

Random video of the week: Onward to the Edge, the latest installment in the Symphony of Science series, auto-tuning insights from the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox and Carolyn Porco. Bonkers and amazing.

And finally, artist, illustrator and unapologetic all-round kook, Laurie Rosenwald weighs in on the creative process. “A blank sheet of paper is the devil. People come up with ideas when they’re living life and doing stuff.”

So here’s to living life and doing great stuff all weekend long. Have a good one.


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