Thought You Should See This, October 21st, 2011

This week’s Thought You Should See This update for my friends at Doblin:

Our beloved leader, Doblin president Larry Keeley gets top billing this week, for a great speech he gave at TEDx Academy, in Greece. Along with poking fun at American economists, Larry laid out the most interesting opportunities in innovation right now, including the important idea of using adversity as inspiration.

Dilbert takes on forecasting and scenario planning. Ouch.

Google engineer Steve Yegge went on an incredible rant about platform innovation, and how his employer doesn’t get what it’s doing when it comes to social.

The ULTra transport system consists of 21 electric vehicles running on a four kilometer elevated guideway linking London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and two stations in the business parking lot. It’s the first commercial Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) system in the world. Also in this Guardian article are some other useful examples of transport innovation.

Ever think about “scraping the barnacles” off your work? You should.

Two fabulous videos to marvel at: a crazy demo of quantum levitation and two robots playing ping pong.

Faculty members of the School of Visual Arts’ new graduate course, Products of Design, opine on what’s interesting them in design these days. I pop up to blather on.

And finally, a heart and stomach-warming Facebook marketing campaign from Heinz in the UK, offering the chance to send a can of soup with a customized get well soon message to a sick friend. (Dummy label, top.) Smart and sweet.


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