Thought You Should See This, August 26th, 2011

This week’s Thought You Should See This update, for my friends at Doblin:

Steve Jobs gets top billing this week, with the predictable onslaught of premature obituaries greeting his announcement that he would step down as CEO of Apple. Om Malik summed up Jobs’ influence beautifully, saying that the legendarily irascible leader “understands that you don’t walk into the future by looking back. If you do, you trip over yourself and break your nose.

Also this week on Thought You Should See This:

London Business School professor Julian Birkinshaw discusses the difficulty of trying to change how companies actually go about their daily activities, quoting the old adage, “To really understand something, you have to try to change it.”

Jeremy Grantham is the public face of $100 billion asset management firm GMO. And, as head of the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, he might just save the world.

New York City’s chief digital officer Rachel Sterne discusses the application of social media in government.

Financial Times writer Gillian Tett takes a look at the influence of behavioral economics on the financial industry and reminds us of the importance of evaluating human behavior when considering systemic issues.

Goodby Silverstein’s Gareth Kay discusses how important it is to get clients to engage on both a functional and emotional level.

Laurie Buczek also offers some smart, common sense advice for those trying to integrate collaborative/Web 2.0 tools into their existing workflow.

Yves Smith writes a provocative piece, Innovate or Die, on the mess we’re in, the reason that government needs to step up to fix things—and why it won’t.


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