Thought You Should See This, August 8th, 2011

This week’s Thought You Should See This update for my friends at Doblin:

Doblin’s own Henry King gets top billing this week, with his piece Five Ways That Standardization Can Lead to Innovation, published in Fast Company. But also a shout out to Angelo Frigo for flagging a great piece about “cargo cultism” (see below). And to our fearless leader, Larry Keeley, for screwing up our days by sending us to gaze on the digital gorgeousness of the Sistine Chapel (screen shot shown above). Keep the tips coming, folks!

This week on Thought You Should See This:

“Most organizations get it wrong when it comes to thinking about standards and innovation, writes Henry King in Fast Company’s Five Ways Standardization Can Lead to Innovation.

Writer Adrian Hon describes the book publishing fundraising website Unbound as a “cargo cult” version of the popular (and successful) crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. It’s a useful term–and one worth thinking about in the context of innovation.

Larry Keeley flags the well done digital tour of the Sistine Chapel.

I wrote grumpily about The Missing Human Heart of Innovation.

Inside Pfizer’s Palace Coup is a fascinating look at the internal culture of the giant drug company.

Thoughts on the Airbnb brouhaha, as the Web 2.0 darling stumbles in both business model and crisis management.

You Are Not A Gadget author, Jaron Lanier, advises us all to “listen first, and write later.”

Nokia sponsors the world’s largest stop motion animation. Its script is actually a bit lame, but the making-of video is quite lovely.


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