Thought You Should See This, July 20th, 2011

This week’s Thought You Should See This update for my friends at Doblin:

The topic of design thinking reared its head again this week, prompted by, well, me. Can Innovation Really be Reduced to a Process? was originally entitled The Real Problems with Design Thinking and it’s sparked a lively conversation over on Fast Company. Feel free to weigh in!

Also this week on Thought You Should See This:

Shadow Cities isn’t just the future of mobile gaming. New York Times reporter Seth Schiesel describes it as “the most interesting, innovative, provocative and far-reaching video game in the world right now, on any system.” Right then.

Carmageddon hit Los Angeles and Jet Blue seized the moment, offering $4 one-way flights from Burbank to Long Beach. Then some cyclists decided to stage a race, sparking a part ludicrous, part genius focus on transportation.

A retrospective of Pentagram co-founder Kenneth Grange opens in London, and a great profile in The Observer shared the industrial designer’s pithy thoughts on the world, including his view that Apple, well, “they’re a bit up their own arse, to be honest.” Sacrilege!

Xerox PARC alum, John Seely Brown, teeters on the edge of sounding somewhat curmudgeonly while trying to describe the nature of curiosity.

PlaneRed is a U.S-based, all-you-can-fly subscription service that allows passengers to skip the TSA “experience”.

The astonishing Alexander McQueen show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will make you think about fashion in entirely new terms.

The new Bjork multimedia extravaganza, Biophilia, includes an iPad app introduced by British television legend, David Attenborough.

Former Microsoft CTO, cookbook writer and patent collector, Nathan Myhrvold writes a controversial column about patents. Infectious Greed writer, Paul Kedrosky responds.

And finally, Kevin Slavin gave a TED Talk, How Algorithms Shape Our World, describing a scene that plays out in so much disruptive innovation. Well worth watching.


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