Knoll CEO Andrew Cogan on Design, Innovation and the Evolution of the Workplace

Latest word works, for Core77, feature an interview with Knoll’s CEO, Andrew Cogan.

This year’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for corporate and institutional achievement was given to furniture design company, Knoll. The award is a timely vindication for the design-focused company, which continued to invest in design even as the economy tanked (Knoll stock price in the first quarter of 2009 sank to just over $5; shares are now over $20.)

Andrew Cogan has been CEO of the East Greenville, Pennsylvania-based company since 2001. I talked with him about the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation, and he described how Knoll has learned to evolve and adapt along with the market even as it continues to emphasize the importance of design to the bottom line (“Workspaces,” top, are a new introduction designed by famed New York-based company, Antenna.)

Read the interview on Core77.


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