Why Design Now: World Health Challenges

A few weeks ago, I dragged my cold-addled self to the Lincoln Center to moderate a panel on the role of design in health care as part of the Why Design Now symposium organized by the Cooper-Hewitt and GE. I was completely foggy and somewhat braindead (you know when you feel like you’re underwater, and everything is totally surreal?) but the panelists were fantastic. Smart, engaged, thoughtful and really trying to use design to make a difference in healthcare in very different contexts. Jose Gomez-Marquez is program director of the Innovations in International Health innovation platform out of MIT, working most often in developing countries; Lorna Ross is design manager and creative lead of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation while Bob Schwartz is general manager of global design at corporate giant, GE Healthcare. The video is below, while the other videos from the day are here. My thanks to all of the panelists for making my job super easy, and to Marc Schiller and his team at Electric Artists for inviting me to play a part in proceedings.


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